I’m a PhD student at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab. I’m currently interested in human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence—including its social and ethical dimensions. Recently, I graduated from the University of Michigan, where I triple-majored in philosophy, math, and computer science. Previously, I studied art at the Cooper Union.


  • Sep 2018: I started my PhD in computer science at MIT CSAIL.
  • Jun 2018: One paper accepted to UIST 2018.
  • Dec 2017: One first-author paper accepted to CHI 2018.
  • Dec 2017: One paper accepted to IUI 2018.
  • Sep 2017: I started a software engineering position at UofM CSE.
  • Jun 2017: I attended the L&FE Summer School at Carnegie Mellon.


Steve Oney, Alan Lundgard, Rebecca Krosnick, Michael Nebeling, Walter S. Lasecki. Arboretum and Arbility: Improving Web Accessibility Through a Shared Browsing Architecture. UIST, 2018.

Jean Y. Song, Raymond Fok, Alan Lundgard, Fan Yang, Juho Kim, Walter S. Lasecki. Two Tools are Better Than One: Tool Diversity as a Means of Improving Aggregate Crowd Performance. IUI, 2018.

Alan Lundgard, Yiwei Yang, Maya L. Foster, Walter S. Lasecki. Bolt: Instantaneous Crowdsourcing via Just-in-Time Training. CHI, 2018.